The Ghibertins are:

Alessio Hofmann: Lead Voice, Acoustic Guitar
Alessandro Fogazzi: Bass Guitar
Lorenzo Rivabella: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

A Milan based Folk/Rock band that contains all the member’s contradictions of completely different musical backgrounds such as: John Mayer, Mumford & Sons, Ben Harper, Amos Lee, Father John Misty, Pearl Jam, Ryan Adams, Paul Simon e 2Pac.



At the end of 2014, two years after its founding, the band realizes that it had given to the group a well-defined soul, a fortune that none of the members had in the past musical experiences. It was time to share this spirit with the outside world.
In February 2015 the trio enters in the T.Rex Milan studio to record the first EP. The idea was clear: to reflect 100% the style and technique used during live performances, recreating a minimalist sound with a few guitars and few tracks, using the rigid guitar case as a percussion. What seemed impossible, has become reality. This thought comes in the EP’s title: “Square The Circle”.
On October 23, 2015, the EP is released, followed by the first single “Round-Trip”, which remains in the Italian iTunes’ TOP 10 chart for emerging artists for 5 weeks. Two more singles will be extracted from the EP: “Walk Away” and “Great Divide”
The album gets reviews on See Sound, Loud Vision, Music Coast To Coast, Menti in Fuga and Buscadero.


During 2016, the New Yorker magazine “Relix Magazine” include the track “Facing a Loaded Gun” in its playlist of emerging artists, while the band enters the final of the Tour Music Fest, winning the Velvet Mag award.


With more than 30 songs to choose from, in September 2016, the group has willingness to go beyond the sound of the previous work. With this view, Alberto Turra, brilliant jazz guitarist/arranger and Daniele Capuzzi, young and versatile drummer, were brought on board of the project.  With Alberto, starts an intense and meticulous process of selecting tracks and arrangements, while Daniele allows the band to develop metrics and sound in directions that were foreclosed.
In February 2017, The Ghibertins enters the MOB Sound Studio with a completely different goal. Drums, along with electric guitar and a series of new instruments like Rhodes, brass and synth are inserted in the Album. The acoustic guitar is present in every single song, as a proof that the origins are not forgotten, but they want to be enhanced by a new sound.
The Less I Know The Better” is born. An album of 11 tracks from which 4 singles / videos will be extracted.

Currently we are ranked #1 on ReverbNation italian folk chart.